b. 1984
Lives and works United Kingdom.

Caitlin Yardley explores ideas of perception and interconnection. Through installations that variously assemble sculpture, painting, video, photography and collage, she investigates the way objects and images are framed by cultural narratives. Yardley’s practice forms an interwoven dialogue, connecting modernist legacies through the translation of ideas across media and time. Institutional and personal narratives intersect.

Drawing on archival research, biography and material abstraction Yardley traces and enacts specific moments and objects, constructing a lens that draws into view the peripheral or negative spaces that surround them.

Recent exhibitions include Rhythm Without End, Design Museum Helsinki (2021); Mobile Composition, as part of New Viewings, Gallery Barbara Thumm, Berlin (2020); Eclipse Sequence, HIAP, Helsinki (2019); Mobile Composition, Maison Louis Carré, Paris (2017); The Surface as Site, OAR Platform, University of Oxford (2017); Exterior A, Atenuem, National Gallery of Finland, Helsinki (2017); The Legacy Complex, Nordic Art Association, Stockholm (2016); Epic Narratives, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (2015); Medium, Moana Project Space, Perth (2015); One Way Return, Peter Von Kant, London (2014); Studio A, Sunday Reed, London (2014);Open Cube, White Cube, London (2013).

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